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Like me, it’s the perfect mix of mystery, chaos, and organization.

Michael Dean Dargie
2 min readMar 1, 2022


Many more stories to come and go. It’s a storicopia.

Bidness. That has been the name of the game in my writing lately. Lots and lots of business writing. I apologize for missing a day in my 100 Days Project, but there have been extenuating circumstances — specifically creating content for a couple of companies in radically different time zones. Yep. I’m global.

I really enjoy writing for companies that want my style because it’s not for everyone. I use the methodology I created called “BrandJitsu™” to help find the heart and soul of a company and then spin out stories to support that. One of my purposes in life (beyond doing cool and weird shit with cool and weird people) is to help as many people and businesses as possible to find, shape, and share their stories with the world — including my own.

This past weekend I also ran a half-day workshop for the Alberta University of the Arts, which was a blast. Exhausting, but a blast. It was part two in the “Branding For Artists” series called “Grow Your Brand,” and I’m hopeful there will be a part three “Share Your Brand” to tie it all together. It’s gratifying to help artists figure out how to share their gifts with the world, and how awesome they are.

Under the category of Guilty Pleasures, I’ve bought a new game for the PS5 called “Elden Ring.” It’s not my typical fare, but I’m coming to love it. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of “quests” or goals to achieve, like, say, Assassins Creed, so it’s more of a “learn by dying” game. I’m “learning” a lot. Like a lot. More on this later as I think I’ll start writing my these adventures like they’re happening to me in real life.

Jennifer has seen my daily struggle to wrangle all the stories and ideas I want to write about and has given me the gift of “Cup O’ Stories.” Inside this jar lives many little notes to remind me of various stories or prompts to get me started. I love this — it’s the perfect mix of mystery, chaos, and organization.

Today is the draw day for the “Daily Dropbear Blog Weird Monthly Prizes Award of Excellence” award. There will be two draws happening today — one for my MichaelDargie.com subscribers and one for my Medium.com followers. The prizes are a tightly guarded secret, but I assure you they will be weird and wonderful. The winners will be announced at the top of tomorrow’s post.

By the way, if I get 100 followers on Medium.com, I will start getting paid for my writing, so if you feel so inclined, you can traipse over to https://michaeldargie.medium.com and find me there.



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