Five Boys Exploring Canada

When in doubt take the road less travelled

Taking a much needed Giant Douglas Fir break, followed by Giant Banana Slug break (not pictured)

Please note that McDonald’s is never a good idea before “Surfing Highway 4.”

I managed to pull over in time, and thankfully Nathan was able to eject his lunch outside of the vehicle. We took a moment to reassess our adventure. We didn’t have Google Maps back then and had no idea what was ahead of us other than road signs saying, “Tofino 115KM.” Oh, and the road signs also looked like spilled spaghetti denoting curves ahead.

Taking another much needed “Wet and Happy” break

Literally, every corner we went around was an “OH, MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS CANADA” moment.

Wet and happy, we loaded back into the van and continued on our way.



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Michael Dean Dargie

I do cool and weird shit with cool and weird people. Dad, biker, writer, speaker, artist, adventurer, doer of things, teacher of stuff.