The Great Basil Shortage

Supply-chain issues result in a seemingly massive basil shortage.

Michael Dean Dargie
2 min readFeb 5, 2022

It’s the great basil shortage of 2022 and it’s happening at exactly the wrong time — not that there’s ever a right time for a basil shortage. When you’ve got great olive oil and balsamic vinegar along with a badrillion cherry tomatoes and tubs of bocconcini and you’re on a Keto diet the only thing you need to make it through the day is fresh basil.

We’ve been looking for basil for weeks and can’t find it anywhere. I used to grow basil in my Click ‘N Grow but I haven’t done that in a while because I gave it away to my kids, so, really I couldn’t grow basil even if I wanted to. It’s a terrible thing having all the ingredients but one for Caprese skewers. Such is life in the pandemic.

Tomorrow I’m going to go basil hunting; my plan is to find some basil plants in pots that I can keep in the kitchen. I will feed them and nurture them and will never again take basil for granted.

Maybe it’s time to convert my weed grow tent into a basil grow tent — imagine how much money I could make selling basil in the great basil shortage of 2022. People would come from miles around to get fresh basil from the Fresh Basil Man of Scenic Acres™ (patent pending). There would be songs written. Babies would be named. Stories told for generations.

Clearly, I’ve missed my calling by writing and designing and creating and directing when I should have followed my true passion: Basil Farming.

Tomorrow there will be Caprese!



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